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In rare cases, the doctor prescribes a single treatment method focused on eliminating the pathological factor. Much more often, especially with the “neglected” form of impotence (when the patient did not immediately seek advice) and for men of mature age, an integrated approach is effective. It is characterized by a combination of therapeutic methods and is aimed not only at the quick restoration of sexual function, “repairing the breakdown”, which initially led to the disease, but also at the fight against self-doubt developing in most patients.

In a situation where an erection is not always absent, but only during sexual intercourse, doctors talk about the psychogenic nature of impotence. In this case, excitement can be achieved with masturbation or during sleep. Often, to help the patient, it is not necessary to prescribe pharmaceuticals or medical procedures, a visit to a qualified psychotherapist (sometimes with a partner) is enough. The specialist will help you understand your emotions and advise on effective techniques aimed at restoring sensuality, overcoming clamps and creating a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom.

Medications for treating impotence
Residents traditionally perceive drugs against impotence as miracle pills, after which sexual function is instantly restored - even if only for a few hours. Similarly, for example, funds based on sildenafil or tadalafil work viagra,cialis more details votcv.com. Other drugs are aimed at eliminating the root cause of the disease. This can be, for example, hormonal drugs prescribed by a doctor, vitamins and dietary supplements that help normalize the functioning of the sex glands, medicines that improve the conductivity of impulses along nerve fibers, and so on.

By the way, medications against impotence are not always in the form of tablets: for some patients, treatment is prescribed in the form of ointments, injections, rectal suppositories and solutions for administration directly into the external opening of the urethra. The success of such therapy is determined by the individual characteristics of each patient, so you should be prepared for possible side effects, and also follow certain rules (for example, the introduction of certain drugs requires the mandatory use of a condom).

Vacuum impotence treatment
Another common method of treating erectile dysfunction is the use of negative pressure created with the help of special mechanical devices that must be used immediately before sexual contact. A vacuum pump pumps blood into the penis, after which the erection is held using a special ring worn on the base of the organ. This approach allows you to maintain a “healthy” state of the penis for up to 30 minutes, which is quite suitable for some patients as a symptomatic treatment of impotence. But the vacuum method cannot provide a complete cure for the disease.

Massage of the perineum and pelvic organs is an important method that is used in the complex treatment of erectile dysfunction. Improving blood circulation in this area contributes to the activation of metabolic processes, vasodilation and increase the effectiveness of the drugs used. The psychological component is also important: massage sessions increase the sensitivity of the genitals, relieve stress.

Exercise therapy
Physiotherapy exercises for impotence is another auxiliary technique that is aimed at strengthening the muscles involved in sexual intercourse and improving blood circulation in the intimate area. It is difficult to overestimate its value: often the disease develops in men who lead a sedentary lifestyle, which even before the appearance of an erection problem, it was difficult to actively participate in sexual intercourse. Another goal of exercise therapy is to eliminate the consequences of chronic compression of the pelvic organs, which is the result of wearing tight swimming trunks or tight trousers. Daily exercise according to the method proposed by a specialist in the treatment of erectile dysfunction will not only help improve the quality of sex, but will also prevent vascular disorders in men who have experienced psychogenic impotence or impotence due to hormonal imbalances.

Surgical treatment of impotence 
If conservative treatment is considered ineffective, and there is no chance of restoring the natural function of the penis, the doctor will recommend vascular surgery or penile prosthetics to his ward. Modern approaches to surgery allow you to return to a man the joy of a sexual life in 95% of cases, and the patient will no longer need to turn to "emergency pills" or a vacuum pump. The main disadvantage of the surgical method is the high cost of the operation, as well as possible individual contraindications to the operation, which is undesirable for people of advanced age.

Shock wave therapy
Shock wave therapy is an innovative approach to the treatment of impotence, which