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Having issues in gratifying your partner’s sexual needs due to ED? Is a dysfunction in erection leaving you half way through a sexual encounter? Are you a victim of any of these situations? Are you nodding to a ‘YES’? Then, don’t waste any more time in thinking and switch to Liquid viagra. Liquid viagra is developed by Lilly ICOS to treat erectile dysfunction.

Usual ED drug have a restricted time-frame of their effectiveness. viagra is the only FDA endorsed ED medication which is effective up to 36 hours after its usage. This 36 hours time-frame of effectiveness is the most enticing benefit of Liquid viagra medication. The reason being, this long stretch gives you and your partner ample time to locate the right time and discover the pleasure of togetherness.

This erectile drug works on the principle of relaxing the penile blood vessels which in turn leads to enhancement of blood flow into the penis. The enhanced blood flow into the penis enables you to achieve a hard and firm erection when sexually stimulated. Liquid viagra is ideal for treating mild, moderate or even severe erectile dysfunction among men. Remember that Liquid viagra is a prescription only medication, henceforth a prescription is a pre-requisite.

Liquid viagra should not be mistaken as a male form of birth control. It is to be noted that usage of Liquid viagra does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS. In order to safeguard you ands your partner against

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